Robert Pitt's Group Publications

Wet Weather Flow Literature Reviews

This link provides a compilation of urban wet weather flow literature reviews that we helped prepare.

Monitoring and Stormwater Effects

This section contains links to books and guidance documents related to urban runoff monitoring, including the "Stormwater Effects Handbook."

Stormwater Characteristics Pollutant Sources and Land Development Characteristics

This section contains reports and research papers that describes the characteristics of national stormwater quality. It includes links to the reports that describe the development and analyses conducted on the National Stormwater Quality Database (NSQD).

Stormwater Treatment

Stormwater treatment has been a major interest of our research group for more many years. Here you will find information related to the Multichambered Treatment Train (MCTT), treatment of stormwater heavy metal and organic toxicants, sediment transport in grass swales, street and catchbasin cleaning, and upflow filtration among many other treatment topics.

Urban Hydrology

In this section, several papers and reports describe the importance of treating and conveying small and medium sized storms for stormwater quality management. The nature of urban impervious surfaces and the role of evapotranspiration in urban hydrology computations are also described.

Compacted Urban Soils

Disturbed urban soils are usually compacted, resulting in significantly reduced infiltration rates. The type of soil and amount of compaction has a significant effect on infiltration which is discussed by papers and reports in this section.

Stormwater Management and Modeling

This link provides access to reports and papers related to beneficial uses of stormwater, green infrastructure, and stormwater management decision analyses, along with WinSLAMM modeling examples.

Transportation Accidents and the Environment

Chemicals, gasoline, oil, and other products are transported along highways and other major roads, within pipelines, and by trains and vessels. Transportation-related accidents can cause leaks of hazardous materials that can be a significant threat to the environment and health. This link includes documents that discuss accident frequency for different lost materials and transport methods, prediction methods to calculate resulting fate of these materials, and case studies examining public safety and social impacts of transportation accidents.